This page has the resources and materials teachers need to teach Real Money Real World and prepare for the RMRW simulation. Please do not share these resources. They are only available to educators who teach RMRW and/or schedule a RSRW simulation. Please contact Laura Stanton at or the Warren County Extension office at 513-695-1311 if you have any questions.

Classroom Lessons

  1. Lesson One- Training, Jobs and Income (PP Presentation)
  2. Lesson Two- Deductions: What You See Is Not What You Get (PP Presentation)
  3. Lesson Three- How to Use Financial Services Wisely (PP Presentation)
  4. Lesson Four- Making Choices: Preparing for the Simulation (PP Presentation)
  5. Lesson Five- What Did You Learn?: Post-Simulation Lesson (PP Presentation)

Supporting Materials and Resources

  1. RMRW Teacher's Manual (PDF)
  2. RMRW Documents Manual (PDF)
  3. RMRW Student Worksheets- Prefilled (PDF)
  4. RMRW Careers (PDF)
  5. Participant Self-Assessment (PDF)