The Master Gardener Volunteer Program provides intensive training in horticulture to interested gardeners who then volunteer their time assisting with educational programs and activities for Ohio residents through their local Ohio State University Extension county office.

What is the Master Gardener Volunteer Program?       

Working with county Extension personnel, Master Gardeners provide such educational services to their communities as: answering gardening questions from the public; conducting plant clinics; gardening activities with children, senior citizens, or disabled persons; beautifying the community; developing community or demonstration gardens; and other horticulture activities.

How do I know if I’d make a good Master Gardener Volunteer?

You could qualify to become a Master Gardener, if:

  • You want to learn more about plants and gardening.
  • You are eager to participate in a practical and intensive training program.
  • You enjoy sharing your knowledge with others.
  • You have the time to attend training and serve your community as a volunteer educator.
How do I become a Warren county Master Gardener volunteer? (Steps done in order)
  1. Complete the Master Gardener Volunteer Application and return it to the Warren County MGV Program Coordinator.
  2. Schedule an interview with the Warren County MGV Program Coordination to discuss the MGV program and expectations for Ohio State University Extension volunteers.
  3. Pass a background check. Information and the process will be provided to you during your interview.

After you have completed the first three steps, you will be provided with a link to the online training course. All initial training for new Warren County MGVs will be done using an online training module.

  1. Complete the online training module within one year. You cannot begin volunteering for Warren County Master Gardener Volunteer projects until the online training module is completed.
  2. After the online training module is completed, you will become an intern for the program. You can begin to participate in Warren County Master Gardener activities.
  3. To become an active Warren County Master Gardener Volunteer, you must also do the following:
    1. Attend at least 10 hours of in-person training at approved educational events. Events will be local and a few statewide opportunities.
    2. Complete your initial 50-hour volunteer commitment on approved Warren County Master Gardener volunteer projects.
    3. Steps A and B must be completed within one calendar year after the completion of the online course to become an active Warren County Master Gardener Volunteer.
I already received my MG training.  Can I join the Warren County Master Gardener Association?

Yes, if you are a member in good standing with another state or county association, you can switch your membership to Warren County’s Association.

How do I continue as an active Master Gardener?

To stay active, you must do the following every year:

  • Pay your local association dues.
  • Complete 20 hours of volunteer time on pre-approved Master Gardener projects.
  • Complete 10 hours of pre-approved training in horticulture. Training opportunities will be provided locally, but are also available at state and national conferences.