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Fort Ancient Native Gardens

Project Leaders: Tavane Cammarn & Patty Tkatschenko

** Outstanding Master Gardener Volunteer Project Award, 2009 

The focus of the Master Gardener's presence at Fort Ancient is to maintain the educational garden and assist the museum staff with educational activities when needed.

Warren County Master Gardeners maintain the gardens that are attached to the Museum at Fort Ancient near Lebanon, Ohio.  The gardens provide an opportunity for visitors to learn more about the ancient American Indian culture in the Ohio Valley.  Master Gardeners grow corn, squash, gourds, beans and other plants used by the Indians in their diet and daily life.  The Master Gardeners work with the staff at fort Ancient to provide educational information about these plants and their uses.

The Prairie Triangle next to the front entrance, is representative of the prairie flowers and grasses that are native to the area.  The triangle is a display garden of native Ohio prairie plants. 


Glendower Mansion Garden Project

            Project Leader: Louise Pawlowski

The Glendower Mansion is owned and operated by the Warren County Historical Society in downtown Lebanon, Ohio.

This project's aim is to renew the gardens at Glendower Mansion to their former glory during the middle 1800's. The gardens are being redesigned and improved to create a stately setting for the mansion.

As part of the restroration a medicinal herb garden has been installed. The garden provides an educational experience for visitors and allows them to understand how herbs were used for medicinal purposes during the civil war. Plans include the use of costumed guides to enhance the re-enactment experience while describing the different herbs and demonstrating how the herbs were used by the field doctors during the Civil War. The garden is based on a Parterre design, which is a traditional knot garden - a garden that is artfully laid out and planned to resemble the threads of ancient Celtic knot work.

School Gardening

Project Leader: Mary Tholking

The desired goal is first to educate and demonstrate to students and school personnel how a school garden is educational and beneficial on many levels. When a school is ready to begin their garden Master Gardeners would help and guide in all the aspects of planning, preparation, harvesting and evaluation.

The Master Gardener would educate/guide and participate/demonstrate in any or all of the planning for site selection, use of material, plant/seed selection, planting methods, plant care, timing and techniques for havesting, composting and any additional care/needs of the gardens.

The gardens are located at the Little Miami Middle School.