OSU Extension Healthy Eating at Meetings Guidelines

Ohio State University Extension promotes healthy lifestyles, including healthy food choices and regular physical activity, through our statewide programming efforts. As such, we recognize the importance of modeling our commitment to healthy lifestyles by striving to create a healthy work environment. Offering healthy selections at group work events is one way to assure that we are providing the healthiest possible environment for ourselves and our co-workers and encouraging healthier choices.

Due to the strong relationship between diet and health and the increasing rates of overweight and obesity, we are committing to provide healthy selections when serving foods and beverages in the workplace or at events. The intention of these guidelines is not to dictate what individuals can eat or bring into the office for special occasions. Rather, these guidelines are intended to assist OSU Extension employees in using university resources to purchase foods and beverages consistent with current health research and recommendations. Therefore, the guidelines apply to all in-services, meetings, trainings, conferences, events, etc. By working together and striving to follow the recommendations outlined below, we will promote better health and help reduce risks for chronic diseases.