Pressure Canner Inspection

Dial gauges should be checked for accuracy and the overall condition of canner lids should be evaluated every year prior to the beginning of canning season. If you use your dial gauge canner throughout the year, check it at the same time every year. Our office offers pressure canner inspection and gauge testing. To make an appointment, call our office at 513-695-1311 or email Laura Stanton, our Family and Consumer Sciences Educator at We charge $5.00 to test each canner and we accept cash, check, or credit cards.

Home Food Preservation

Do you have a question about home food preservation? Remember, with the right information, food preservation can be safe, simple, and easy to learn.

If you are curious about the altitude where you live, visit the National Center for Home Food Preservation website. They have two options for finding your elevation based on your address. There are places in Ohio that are more than 1000 feet above sea level, so altitude can make a difference if you are using a weighted gauge canner. 

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