Better Lives, Stronger Communities

OSU Extension family and consumer sciences (FCS) gives people the knowledge, skills and tools needed to make healthy, informed choices. We teach and promote safe food practices, better nutrition, better finances and better relationships – helping people acquire the knowledge and skills to make smart decisions in these areas.

Our family and consumer sciences professionals turn evidence-based, impartial, current research into useful information that can improve the quality of people’s lives. We work to make information accessible to all Ohioans.

You can count on FCS to provide reliable, evidence-based information to encourage -- and empower -- people to adopt practices and behaviors to improve their finances, build positive relationships with friends and family, and embrace healthier, nutritious lifestyles.

The Live Smart Ohio team of Family and Consumer Sciences professionals provides timely research-based information on Healthy People, Healthy Finances and Healthy People. Visit them regularly at Live Smart Ohio.

Current Warren County Extension family and consumer sciences programs focus on helping people address these critical issues:

Personal Money Management/Resource Management 

  • Consumerism
  • Budgeting
  • Goal Setting
  • Textiles and Clothing
  • Household Possessions  

Family Life Education

  • Life Span Issues 
  • Managing Multiple Roles 
  • Strengthening Families

Improving Nutrition and Food Safety

  • Basic Nutrition Education
  • Preserving Food Safely at Home

Strengthening Networks between Individuals & Resources

  • Building Coalitions
  • Leadership Development  

Program Highlights 

  • Ohio Works First clients were provided practical lessons on employability skills, exploring personal values, coping with change and stress, consumerism skills, and communication skills. These basic life skills are essential for successful employment and quality living. In 2016, the GCS educator provided 94 one hour lessons to nearly 300 clients at Warren County Workforce ONE.
  • The Warren County-authored curriculum titled ‘Tough Work – Understanding and Serving People in Poverty While Caring for Yourself’ was shared with volunteers at Faith Ministries in Mason as well as court-appointed special advocates in Warren County. This training offers practical information for volunteers and staff on poverty and its impact on families, while helping volunteers maintain healthy boundaries and while serving and provide ways to prevent compassion fatigue. Evaluations indicate knowledge gained and better teamwork achieved.

Formeer Warren County FCS educator, Kathy Michelich (retired May 2019), served on numerous county collaborations and coalitions to improve multi-agency decision making, decrease duplication of effort, and identify priority areas to better utilize limited resources.

You can learn more about all OSU Extension family and consumer science programs at

Extension has been helping all Ohioans build better lives, better businesses and better communities since 1914.