Volunteers help make 4-H possible. Without 4-H volunteers, the program would not have the mentors and leaders that Ohio's youth need in order to learn the new skills that 4-H has to offer. With each volunteer comes knowledge, experiences, and skills which can be taught to 4-H youth and shared with the 4-H program "to make the best better." Volunteers and parents are a major reason for 4-H's success in youth development. Since 1902, volunteers have helped the 4-H program develop successful leaders, build young minds, and set the path for 4-Hers to take the world by storm.

Ohio 4-H Volunteer Handbook

Review the 4-H Volunteer Job Descriptions

Are you or someone you know interested in becoming a 4-H volunteer and helping a current 4-H club or starting your own? All 4-H volunteers must complete the Ohio 4-H volunteer screening process, which includes a completed application/background check, interview, and volunteer training.

Submit an application to begin your process. We have two options; a printable application or online submission. If you have any questions about becoming a 4-H Volunteer contact Taylor Stevens, stevens.1068@osu.edu.

Applications are currently CLOSED for the 2024 season and will reopen in fall of 2024 for the 2024-2025 year.

4-H Volunteer Application(Printable)

4-H Volunteer Application Online

Background Check Instructions