The Warren County 4-H Committee has a direct influence on the Warren County 4-H Program. Members provide input on 4-H policy & regulation and project completion requirements; organize training opportunities; and raise funds to provide camperships, scholarships, trip awards and other support for our 4-H youth.

We thank them for the time they give in support of our programs.
2019 4-H Committee Officers
 President  Karen Middleton
 Vice President  Paul Gray
 Secretary  Stephanie Jordan
 Treasurer  Tom Bensman
2019 Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held at the Extension Office at 7:00 p.m. on the following dates:

January 14 August 12
February 11 October 14
April 8 December 9
June 10    
2019 Committee Members

Committee Members are elected to a 3-year term, and may be elected to a second consecutive term.  Terms expire on December 31 of the year indicated.

Name Representing Term Expires Sub-Committee assignments

Standing Members

Gene Anspach     standing Audit & Budget
Bonnie Beel     standing * Club Charters, Awards
Ron Macy     standing * Audit/Budget, Awards, Fundraising/Promotion
Lee Wiederhold     standing Awards
Cyndi Vonderhaar Agricultural Society    1 year Education/Planning
Caroline Bensman Youth Rep: Junior Fair Board    1 year  Education/Planning
TBA Youth Rep: CARTEENS    1 year   

School District Representatives

Tom Bensman  Clinton Massie, Waynesville 2nd  2019  Audit & Budget
Kevin Lawson Springboro 2nd 2020 * Awards, Club Charters, Education/Planning, Fundraising/Promotion 
Sherri Martin Little Miami, Blanchester, Goshen 2nd 2020 * Awards, Club Charters
Shane Hurt Franklin, Carlisle, Monroe  2nd 2020 Club Charters
Ann Ball Kings, Loveland, Mason 1st 2020 Awards
Tom Callahan Lebanon 1st 2020 Audit & Budget, Awards

Project Area Representatives

Cathy Truett Beef  2nd 2020  Fundraising/Promotion
Maria McNeely Clothing/Nutrition  1st 2021 Education/Planning
Stephanie Jordan Dogs  2nd 2019 * Education/Planning
Cheyenne Wolfenbarger General Projects  1st 2021 Education/Planning, Fundraising/Promotion
Susan Stewart Goats  1st 2021 Awards
John Pohlman Llamas/Alpacas 2nd 2021 Audit/Budget, Fundraising/Promotion
Jessie Durham Horses  1st 2020  Club Charters
Steve Hendrix Small Animals  1st 2020  Education/Planning
Sally Baker Poultry  1st 2020  Education/Planning
Karen Middleton Rabbits  2nd 2020  Club Charters, Education/Planning
Tara Armold Sheep  1st 2020 Awards
Paul Gray  Swine  1st 2018 Awards