December 7, 2023 - 11:25am --

Did you know that intellectual engagement and social connectedness are two lifestyle factors that contribute to your brain’s health? Simply put, coming together and learning new things is good for your noggin! Join Laura Stanton, OSU Extension Educator, for this free, 4-week series of Wits Workouts on Wednesdays in January 2024. You’ll engage in fun, interactive puzzles, and games and learn what you can do in your daily life to keep your brain healthy. 

Although the workouts are free, we need you to register so we have plenty of supplies. Please register at:

WW Flyer for DT

Participants of Wits Workouts in Warren County have commented:

  • "These classes have improved my self-confidence."
  • "I love working my brain, but making new friends and getting to know others is a bonus."
  • "This was a fun and easy way to learn new ideas about taking care of my brain and my memory."
  • "These workouts are so fun!"

Questions? Call Laura at 513-695 1311 or email her at