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A team of eight Warren County 4-H members represented Ohio 4-H at the 2017 Keystone International Livestock Exposition in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on October 6th and 7th. The team competed in two separate livestock competitions against other 4-H and FFA teams from 10 different states. Keystone is the largest livestock show in the Eastern United States with a long history that dates back to 1956. This was the first time in history that a team from Warren County represented Ohio at the Keystone International. The team was coached by Greg Meyer, Ohio State University Extension Educator from Warren County.

Stockman’s Contest

On Friday, October 6th, two teams of four Warren County 4-H members matched their livestock knowledge against 69 other teams and 254 youth from across the Eastern United States. The Stockman’s Contest is multifaceted contest that requires students to judge classes of beef, sheep, swine, wool and beef steaks. Additionally, students are quizzed on livestock breed identification, retail meat cut identification, livestock equipment identification, livestock quality assurance and current agricultural events.

The team consisting of Caroline Bensman, Joe Bensman, Paul Bensman and Garrett Brown finished 3rd out of 71 teams and the team consisting of Alyssa Chaney, Katie Feldman, Jera Jordan and Shelby Shank finished 7th in the competition.

Team 10 team rankings from the Stockman’s Contest included:

Team Green (Caroline Bensman, Joe Bensman, Paul Bensman and Garrett Brown)

  • 3rd High Team Overall
  • 3rd High Team - Meat
  • 5th High Team - Indentification
  • 5th High Team - Management 

Team White (Alyssa Chaney, Katie Feldmann, Jera Jordan and Shelby Shank)

  • 7th High Team Overall
  • 4th High Team - Meat
  • 9th High Team - Judging

Individually, the top five individuals overall in the contest are interviewed to determine the top stockman in the competition. Paul Bensman had one of the top 5 scores in the contest and earned the opportunity to interview with a committee of livestock experts. Paul finished second in the interview and was named the 2nd High Stockman at this year’s contest.

Top 20 individual rankings from the Stockman's Contest included:

Paul Bensman

  • 2nd High Individual Overall
  • 2nd Individual – Meat 
  • 4th Individual - Identification
  • 10th Individual - Management

Joe Bensman

  • 6th High Individual Overall
  • 6th Individual - Identification
  • 11th Individual – Meat
  • 11th Individual - Management

Katie Feldman

  • 13th High Individual Overall
  • 9th Individual – Meat
  • 20th Individual - Management

Jera Jordan

  • 16th High Individual Overall
  • 8th Individual - Meat
  • 12th Individual - Identification

Garrett Brown

  • 15th Individual – Meat

Livestock Judging Contest

On Saturday, October 6th, the team consisting of Paul Bensman, Katie Feldmann, Jera Jordan and Shelby Shank represented Ohio 4-H in the livestock judging contest. Each state is permitted to enter only one 4-H and one FFA team in the competition. During the contest, contestants judge 12 classes of livestock (rank 4 animals in each class), give four sets of oral reasons about their class placings to industry experts and answer questions about two classes of livestock. The team finished 5th in Swine, 9th in Oral Reasons and 9th in Cattle.

Top 20 individual rankings from the livestock judging contest included Jera Jordan - 7th Individual in Beef Cattle; Shelby Shank - 10th Individual in Swine; and Katie Feldmann - 20th Individual in Oral Reasons.

About the Warren County 4-H Livestock Judging Program

The Warren County 4-H Livestock Judging Program is respected throughout the state. Our teams have won state competitions and have competed well at national contests. Past Warren County 4-H teams have represented Ohio 4-H at contests in Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania. In 2011, a team of Warren County 4-Hers finished tenth at the National 4-H Livestock Judging Contest at the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville.

The livestock judging program is open to any Warren County 4-H member. The teams are divided into divisions by 4-H age. Seniors are 14 years and older and juniors are 13 years and younger. Experience with livestock and livestock judging is not required to participate in this program. We will teach you what you need to know to compete in livestock judging contests. Team practices are held every Thursday evening in May, June and July, except the week before and during the Warren County Fair. For more information, contact Greg Meyer at meyer.213@osu.edu.