June 10, 2020 - 12:08pm -- stanton.60@osu.edu

The Warren County Extension office will be open Monday through Friday, 9 AM - 1 PM. When not in the office, we are teleworking and programming to meet the needs of clientele. If you would like to request an appointment please call the office or email. Thanks!  

4-H Youth Development
Steve Brady (brady.111@osu.edu)
Kara Colvin (colvin.53@osu.edu)
Taylor Stevens (stevens.1068@osu.edu)

Agriculture and Natural Resources
Greg Meyer (meyer.213@osu.edu)

Family and Consumer Sciences
Laura Stanton (stanton.60@osu.edu)

Tim Crossman (crossman.15@osu.edu)

Warren County Extension
Meghan Cotten (cotten.12@osu.edu) or 513-695-1311

Anyone working within this facility has been granted permission from Ohio State to do so at this time. Essential safety and health precautions are being taken at this worksite. The workers at this site have verified that they are not sick at this time and have not been knowingly exposed to anyone with COVID-19 or other illnesses. While on-site, each person must wear a face mask in public areas, cleanse his or her hands regularly, and observe social distancing guidelines. All Extension offices will be cleaned regularly, and equipment will be sanitized daily.

“Thank you to everyone for your cooperation and collaboration related to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Like Ohio State, OSU Extension remains committed to the health and well-being of our community and serving our communities in each county as this situation evolves. These are unprecedented times, and we sincerely appreciate your flexibility and support,” said Jacqueline K. Wilkins, interim director, Ohio State University Extension, CFAES, The Ohio State University.