September 12, 2022 - 1:16pm --

If you are interested in an opportunity to develop leadership and organizational skills and be an active part of planning and organizing the Warren County Fair, consider applying for a position on the Warren County Junior Fair Board.

The Junior Fair Board oversees the Junior Fair portion of the Warren County Fair. JFB members solicit award sponsorship, organize the awards and supplies for all youth fair-related events (pre-fair week and during), assist in the execution of the various junior fair events and activities, and assist in planning before the fair for facilities, judges, rules, etc. They work in a cooperative effort with the Senior Fair Board, Senior Superintendents, and Advisors.

A Junior Fair Board member must be willing and available to dedicate a tremendous amount of time, energy, and effort. There are monthly meetings from October through June, pre-fair workdays and judging events, and the fair week itself. The rewards are that Warren County Junior Fair Board is an excellent opportunity for 4-H youth to develop strong leadership and organizational skills.

Applications are due to the Extension Office by Friday, September 30th at 4:30pm.

2023 Junior Fair Board Application