July 21, 2021 - 1:04pm -- stanton.60@osu.edu

Generation Rx is a nationwide educational initiative to promote safe medication practices in an effort to prevent the misuse of prescription drugs. Through a partnership between OSU Extension and The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy, our Family and Consumer Sciences Educator, Laura Stanton, is available to provide free 60-minute workshops to adults over the age of 55.

Why is it important to teach older adults how to safely use medications? 
While it is true that prescription medications can help us live longer and healthier lives, it is also true that any medication has the potential to do harm—especially when misused. The misuse of prescription medications is one of our country’s most pressing public health problems, with adverse drug events being a significant issue for older adults. The Generation Rx educational program addresses simple ways to decrease the risk for adverse drug events, as well as the safe storage and disposal of medications. The workshop is 60 minutes and includes engaging activities that focus on teaching older adults safe medication practices. 

To learn more about Generation RX, visit GenerationRx.org