November 18, 2014 - 4:36pm --

Ohio State Fair Dog Show Championship Awards

The State Fair Championship Award was introduced in 2000 to recognize kids for their participation and achievement at the Ohio State Fair Dog Show. Exhibitors could earn one point for each event in which they competed, and an additional 5 points if they placed in the top 15. Twenty-five points were required to qualify for an award.

In 2002, seven Warren County 4-Hers were among the first to receive this recognition: Sophia Cecardo, Katrina Davis, Julie Kohus, Amanda Litzinger, Casey Martin, Ashley Oeder and Patty Rodeghero were recognized as Champions for the first time.  Since then, a total of 47 Warren County 4-H members have earned 92 Championship Awards.

In 2014, State Fair Championship awards were presented to:

  • Stefanie Antrican, 1st Championship
  • Brycen Havens, 2nd Championship
  • Krista Havens, 3rd Championship
  • Amy Hummel, 5th Championship
  • Jera Jordan, 1st Championship
  • Arden Kamentz, 3rd Championship
  • Jibby Kamentz, 6th Championship
  • Emma Seay, 3rd Championship
We are so proud of our 47 4-H members in Warren County who have earned a State Fair Championship title and a grand total of 92 titles!

Recent Warren County 4-H Winners:

Back:  Maddie Gustin (2011.2012), 
Amy Hummel (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014), 
Becca Waits (2012)

Front: Jera Jordan (2014),
Savannah Lovins (2013)

In 2002, Casey received her award and t-shirt from Pattie Stover, Chairman of the State Fair Dog Committee.  Pattie was the inspiration behind the Dog Show Championship Awards and is still in charge of the Ohio State Fair Dog Show. 

Casey Martin & Radar, 2002
were presented with the first Championship title.