February 26, 2018 - 2:53pm -- delp.4@osu.edu

Each year the Warren County 4-H Committee selects 4-H teens to attend outstanding programs such as Citizneship Washington Focus, Leadership Camp, Sea Camp and Forestry & Wildlife Conservation Camp. The selection process begins with completion of the Ohio Achievement Record (OAR). The OAR is a 6-page application form that highlights accomplishments, service and leadership skills both in 4-H and in the community. The 4-H Committee reviewed OARs and interviewed all candidates on February 24 before making their selections.

Citizenship Washington Focus  - June 25-July 1

Citizenship Washington Focus gives 4-H youth the opportunity to explore, develop, and refine the civic engagement skills they need to be outstanding leaders in their home communities and at the national level. Through sightseeing tours in the living classroom of Washington, D.C. and hands-on educational workshops, youth will learn about the history of our nation, the leaders who have shaped it, and how they can apply the leadership and citizenship skills they have learned at CWF when they return home. 

2018 Trip Winners:
Sam Burns, Audrey Heizman,
Katie Kurtz and Aliya Winkler


Leadership Camp - July 9-13

The Ohio 4-H State Leadership Camp is the premiere leadership development opportunity available to Ohio 4-H members. The focus of the five-day leadership experience is the development of concrete peer leadership skills that will enable participants to have an immediate impact in their home 4-H club, county, community, or school. Participants leave the camp ready to take on new challenges.

2018 Trip Winners:
Joe Bensman, Megan Coffman
and Claire Monroe


Ohio 4-H Sea Camp - July 8-12

Teens from across Ohio “get their feet wet” learning about one of Ohio’s most important resources: Lake Erie! Campers are in, on and around the water at Kelley's Island 4-H Camp as they explore the science of the lake, learn marine-related skills, and discover the history and recreational uses of our great lake.

2018 Trip Winners:
Garrett Brown, Tommy Burkhart
and Jessica Honerlaw