October 18, 2017 - 11:48am -- delp.4@osu.edu

This annual event is our chance to look back at the year’s accomplishments, recognize the growth and achievements of Warren County 4-H youth and our appreciation to the volunteers who support our program.  Advisors and parents are offered the opportunity to share their perspectives and help us identify those youth who have achieved above and beyond in a project area, overcome obstacles, and demonstrate a well-rounded 4-H experience. 

Mark the date on your calendar and plan to join in the celebration!

When: November 7 @ 6:30pm 

Where: Lebanon Presbyterian Church; 123 N. East Street, Lebanon 

Awards take into account project work and participation in club activities, leadership and community service.  

Many of our 4-H members put forth extra effort.  Maybe they don’t have everything going in their favor when it comes to competing or maybe they aren’t especially lucky on judging day; but their efforts above and beyond improve themselves, improve their 4-H club and improve the overall 4-H program. 

We invite you all to attend and join in the celebration as we celebrate our amazing members and clubs!